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Your Supermarket Is Your Friend When Time Is of the Essence! Here's Proof!!

These days more and more of us are stressed right out for one reason or another. It seems like every new day brings a new worry about something. But one thing never changes, we all have to eat. In fact, eating/cooking can be therapy and even boost our immune systems which is important these days. Because of that reason, we all try to eat and cook healthy, but it is hard in these busy times. My motto has always been a little healthy is better than none at all. Fortunately, these days so much is available in our supermarket. What I wouldn't have given for that all those years ago. So, because of that there is really no reason not to whip up something yummy, in fact, as the saying goes, sometimes even faster then take out. See some tips below!!

Today I did just that, utilized my market for a quick, delicious, healthy meal, IMO

Here is what I did today: all items from my market, your amounts would fit your needs

Made some instant white rice, set aside (5 minutes) I was out of brown!

Sliced some store-bought precooked tomato basil meatballs in half, started sautéing in my pan

While that was going, I steamed frozen broccoli florets for 3 minutes and drained

Opened, rinsed and drained a can of white cannellini beans

Sliced in half cherry tomatoes, the juicier the better

Added rest of my ingredients plus spices, except the rice, to the meatballs and some lite soy sauce

Heated all through until starting to crisp a little

Served over my rice, topping with cheese (optional)

How simple was that? Very simple. Of course, you can use any rice you prefer, even the instant precooked microwave packages saving more time, and meatballs you prefer (even homemade), or omit altogether, and any veggies you prefer

Would also work on pasta, spaghetti squash or zucchini zoodles, preferably precooked if trying to save on time

Precooked shrimp is another great option for a quick meal to keep it light

Try this instead of takeout next time around. Take pity on the one who has to run out in the freezing cold!

Happy Cooking, Stay Safe!

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