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You Can't Fool Most Kids, Just Fess Up What's in It!!

Bulking up food with added vegetables has been around forever. Why? because we were told it was/is a great way to get them into our kids (or fussy significant others) without them knowing. I take offense to that idea. If I saw something green, orange, red or any color for that matter I noticed. I, on the other hand, was okey if it did not change the flavor or consistency of my favorite foods.

Fast forward to the adult me: Because of that concept, to this day, even though my kids are on their own, I still feel the need to bulk up my food at times with a vegetable. This week my choice was my favorite of all, the lowly shredded carrot, which I might add, also helps these days with keeping costs down by stretching a more expensive item a little further. You can buy them already shredded for you in your larger supermarkets for an additional price, or simply do your own. A couple pounds of carrots go a long way shredded.

Today my photo shows 4 different ways I used them shredded this week. Other favorite ideas are in stir fries, a simple mac and cheese, soups and of course, Cole slaw! Shredded carrots help keep your item moist, and add visual appeal to your recipe, as well as adding health benefits to any dish. Toss in several handfuls up to a couple cups in your favorite recipes and enjoy the benefits!! My items pictured include a carrot cinnamon chip muffin, a ground turkey loaf, a salmon burger and an addition to my simple salad.

The next time your grocery shopping, grab yourself a bag of carrots or two and create. If your child notices, just admit it, they might be willing to give it a try anyway! It's just that simple!

Be Safe and Happy Cooking!!

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