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Why Do We Complicate Desserts? Is Dessert A State Of Mind?

You all know my thoughts on baking, basically I hate it. Period! I give it a shot now and then, most always wondering what was I thinking? I have often wondered through the years if dessert is really all that important in the big picture, or is it just a state of mind that dessert has to end or begin the meal, depending on your culture. If we are all truly honest, most desserts, unless basically a piece of fruit, are sugar related in all different forms. The fancier the dessert, the more sugar based it has become. So, for me, in my opinion, and mine alone, why make them complicated and a lot of work and expense?

Today I am sharing a really simple dessert I make quite often, and made a lot when my kids were little in one form or another. Simple, quick, tweakable and tasty. It won't make a gourmet magazine or cookbook for sure, but makes/made my family happy, and isn't that what we all care about?? Sure, there is some sugar involved, but also a couple healthy ingredients, nothing wrong with that!! I guarantee if you have a sweet tooth this will make you just as happy as that gourmet complicated creation!

First, I whirred up a base for my dessert, today I used some stale (on purpose) vanilla cake. Other times I might use cookies, or even stale graham crackers. (you can add a little melted butter to your crumbs if they seem too dry) Lined my dessert dishes with this as my base

Next, I whirred up some pieces of dark chocolate setting those aside

Next, I whipped up an instant sugar free vanilla pudding adding in some cinnamon (See note)

Lastly, topped my dessert dishes with the pudding and chocolate pieces, in amount of choice

Note: I have also used the cooked pudding boxes for this, letting it cool before adding to the prepared dishes, and or already made puddings in the supermarkets

You can of course, top this with whip cream, but it is definitely not necessary

Other toppings instead of the dark chocolate could be diced strawberries, or any favorite fruit, or any other favorite family toppings to personalize for your family!! You could even make your own pudding from scratch, if you have the time. You could also use some fancy dessert type dishes, elevating it to another level. Believe me, your kids will be happy with this simple treat, and think you are the greatest cook ever!!

Happy cooking and creating and most of all Be Safe!!

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