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Welcome Summer, Veggie Stand Carrot Potato Soup!!

Hurrah, summer is finally here. I hope everyone is having a great one. I have not posted in a bit because I have been working to get off what I call my Covid fluffiness. Pretty sure basic veggies, meat and or fish with a carb thrown in now and then would not interest the best of us. Heck it didn't even me.......

Today, however, I decided a treat was in store and so I made a potato, carrot soup with homemade croutons for myself. Originally my plan was for a carrot parsnip soup but my veggie stand was out of parsnips but had potatoes so went that route.

Because I would be the only one eating this, my amounts are small, you would of course, make yours with amounts of choice. More of this, less of that, etc. This does freeze great also. I make this soup and or soups like it in the crockpot or on the stove. I do not give times for so many reasons, size of veggies, cooking vessel used, and desired tenderness. I just say cook veggies until very tender, then blend in way of choice.

Here is what I did today:

In my vintage 3 1/2-quart crockpot I put:

3 heaping cups diced peeled carrots

1 heaping cup diced celery

2 heaping cups diced peeled white potatoes

Spices of choice, amounts of choice. I used Herbes de Provence, onion powder (can use raw onion) curry powder, ground rosemary and 2 small bay leaves (remove before emulsifying)

1 cup homemade chix bone broth, also veggie broth would be great here too

Cooked on high 3 hours, removed bay leaves

Next, I blended with my immersion blender

Added some half and half, (was out of coconut milk) till desired thickness wanted (any milk or cream works here)

Served topped with my croutons

This soup really hit the spot as they say. I was happy with a bowl and froze the rest for another ''treat" day.

Happy cooking everyone!!

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