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Un Shepherd Shepherd's Pie!! Or A No Name Casserole?, We All Make It!!

In our house "shepherd's pie" is tossed around quite regularly. It is a family favorite after all! However, technically, it should not even be mentioned as such. The real shepherd's pie is made with lamb, veggies and mashed potatoes. There is also cottage pie, same idea but made with beef. Both originated from England so they say!! We are fond of beef, and or ground turkey in ours, so technically we have no shepherd's pies made in my house. Who knew?

So, in keeping with all the rules and regulations, today I am making a no name casserole, or an un shepherd shepherd's pie! I never make it the same exact way twice in a row, but always make it with simple basic ingredients! Today my topping is a mashed potato cauliflower mixture. If you happen to be English, please don't shoot the messenger....

Here is what I did today: thank you to my daughter Heidi for my casserole dish, I love it

Scrambled my ground turkey with some diced onion and Worcestershire sauce

Placed in my sprayed casserole dish (gravy is sometimes added here but not today)

Topped that with my precooked green beans and carrots (veggie of choice for this time)

Topped that with slices of cheddar cheese (no gravy means a cheese layer this time)

Then my final topping my mashed potato with cauliflower mixture (changing it up a bit) (see note)

Baked at 375 25-30 minutes or until topping is brown

Note: I love cauliflower potato mash, it is simple to make my way. I peel and dice two large potatoes, add in 1/2 bag of frozen cauliflower florets, simmer together about 12 minutes, depending on size of your diced potatoes, and then mash in usual way! Please note I also have a twice baked potato recipe on here with this combo mash!

I'm sure at your house you have your own special version of this, and whatever you call it, it is loved by your family like it is by mine.

Be healthy, Stay safe!!

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