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Top A Baked Potato, Pasta, Zoodles or Rice Simply!!

Today I was gifted with a nice box of fresh garden veggies. Thank you, Heidi and Clayton. I have been waiting for a cooler morning to whip up a batch of one of my favorite summer toppings for pretty much everything and anything. I have even topped garlic crostini with this. It is so simple anyone can do it. You can probably do this on a grill in a cast iron skillet, but the reason I like to do it in my oven is because the smell is amazing.

Because my squash was a tad large, I just hollowed out the seeds and was good to go. Yes, I have a fetish with seeds in anything as you know.

I love the cherry tomatoes in this dish as they are so pretty as well as so sweet once roasted. Yes, you can use chopped or diced large tomatoes. I have done even a combination before.

The key to this simple sauce also is the fresh herbs. Dried can be used but I find it is not quite the same idea. This is a fresh sauce, meaning everything fresh. Your kitchen your choice of course. Garlic and onion are optional, but I find they overpower the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes. If you go that route, go lightly.

Here is what I do: amounts of your choice

Halved cherry tomatoes

Yellow squash (sometimes called summer squash)

Zucchini squash (also sometimes called summer squash, who knew?)

Fresh Basil

Fresh Italian Parsley

Salt and Pepper if desired

Olive oil of choice (I used basil infused olive oil)

How you fix your squash is up to you, diced or sliced, thickness will determine time in oven

Place in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil (this way all pieces will get coated perfectly always)

Place on your pan and roast at 425 30-35 minutes until done to your liking

This keeps great and gets better the next few days. Reheats in the microwave in a flash.

Hope you give this a try.

Happy cooking, Be Safe!!

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