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Throw In The Towel Or Last Resort Chicken Burgers!!

  • Every cook I know and those I don't has something that they just cannot cook no matter what. I in all honesty have several, just ask my husband, but the one that challenges me the most is white meat chicken products. Sadly, I have been known to either cook it to death, or if not that, undercook it!! I like to call myself a bull and jam cook, anything that needs attention to "timing" is not in my vocabulary! However, chicken/turkey breasts are one of my families favorites so once in a while I give it another whirl! After 55 plus years I probably should throw in the towel and forget it all together. But I am stubborn and so today I gave it another go with some beautiful bone in skin on chicken breasts. Need I say the rest. grrrrrrr

  • So now I find myself once again grinding up in my food processor the tough white chicken meat which I will then make into chicken salad and also some chicken burgers and maybe a hash. Believe me I have plenty of recipes for those!

  • Today's burgers ingredients are as follows, kind of: 2 1/2 cups of ground precooked chicken 2 small chicken eggs 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs, (see note) 2 tablespoons of bbq sauce A few sprinkles of onion powder, herbes de provence, poultry seasoning and ground rosemary (plain chicken needs seasonings) 2 palmfuls of feta cheese, or cheese of choice, goat cheese is great here too (or amount of choice) Note: depending on size of eggs a little more bread crumbs may be needed to hold it all together If possible, refrigerate 30 minutes for easier burger forming, if not, no biggie Fry in way of choice, today I used a little evoo, on medium about 3 minutes per side, thickness will determine actual time! Because we all love chicken salad and chicken hash, and because I love chicken burgers, I don't plan on throwing in that towel just yet, like I said I am stubborn! Sadly, I have a feeling my food processor won't be retiring any time soon!! Be healthy, Be safe!!

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