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Thanks For The Memory, Dad! Therapy For the Soul!!

If we are lucky, we all have a food or foods that conjure up wonderful memories from our past. Sometimes it's the little things that can do it for us. Today, a favorite of my fathers did just that, his favorite sandwich, bacon lettuce tomato a fried egg and cheese, a thick layer of miracle whip and a lot of salt and pepper on squishy white bread! Watching him patiently apply the miracle whip, salt and pepper was a sight to behold, and crazy enough that is where my memory lies. Needless to say, this combination has been a favorite of mine since those days. Today, I am smiling as I whip up my favorite way to have these items, my bacon lettuce tomato egg and cheese salad. I'm not entirely sure he would approve, but times have changed and so has the way we look at food these days. If you are looking for a break in winter dishes this combination might just be a hit. It was for me. Any time we can enjoy or create wonderful memories from the past is therapy for the soul. I'm fairly sure when I am no longer here my family will have a lot of crazy food combinations, recipes and meals to remember, and hopefully it makes them smile. Isn't that what it's all about? Happy Cooking and Be Safe!!

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