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Take Your Pick, Fried Rice Either Way Means Your Family Benefits!!

Through the years I have been doing my blog I have posted many recipes including rice in some way. There are several reasons for that, the main one being cost. A bag or box of rice can go a long way to feeding your family. Today, there are many kinds and ways to buy it. Like anything else, the fancier you get the more expensive it becomes. Like anything, the more labor intensive the item is the more it will cost you. However, for the working people that is a huge benefit. A lot of people are intimidated about cooking rice, but these days you can find it already cooked for you in your market in several different ways including even rice pudding. Who knew? Uncooked rice has a shelf life of a year or more, and cooked rice keeps great in the fridge 5-7 days or freezes for months.

Once again, today, I have made a favorite dish in my family, chicken and veggie fried rice. I prefer to say I go heavy on the veggies and light on the rice. Sometimes I use just leftovers on hand, and other times I have a specific combo in mind. Today was the specific combo, thin sliced fresh carrots, spring asparagus, mushrooms and leftover diced baked chicken thighs. I also used a simple white minute rice for today for convenience and time.

Here is what I did today: amounts of choice

Cleaned and diced my baby bella mushrooms

Lightly simmered in a small amount of water my thin sliced carrots and asparagus for 4 minutes (or can steam here, your choice)

Cooked my rice according to package directions including the carrot and asparagus cooking water in my cooking liquid

Diced my chicken

In my nonstick skillet I added some olive oil and my mushrooms, and spices of choice and sauteed 4-5 minutes just until they started to soften (depending on size of pieces)

Added my carrots and asparagus and a little more olive oil and fried a couple minutes

Finally added my precooked rice, diced chicken and a couple splashes of low sodium soy sauce (to taste) and finished frying to my desired doneness

It is just that simple, and the best part, it is even better the next few days

or take your pick, and even simpler, defrost a bag of frozen mixed veggies, dice some rotisserie chicken, and buy some precooked rice and you have the ingredients for a super-fast fried rice, and several days' worth of meals. How can you go wrong when your family wins??

Happy Creating, Think Spring, Be Safe!!

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