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Supermarket Simple Stuffed Peppers, Yes, You can Cook! Follow My Lead!!

My last post was an idea for a Super Bowl recipe and I ended it there. Seriously, how many recipes for wings do we possibly need? or a Chili or Nachos? I am guilty of the Nachos and Chili tho, I do have a recipe on here for those!! My thoughts are anyone can create a recipe for Chili, Wings and Nachos, it's not rocket science.

Cooking is a way to use your creative instincts. What's so great about it is no one knew what you were trying to create in the first place, that is your little secret. Unless it is really, really disgusting, no one will even care. I have had so many people say to me through the years they can't cook. And my answer has always been "of course you can"! There are so many great ingredients in your supermarket for a decent, simple meal, there now is no more excuses. Today I have a perfect example. I am making my recipe from scratch, then I am giving you the supermarket simple way!!

Stuffed Yellow/Orange Peppers or A Quick Fried Rice

First, I made my brown rice, BUT your supermarket has already cooked rice for you

Next, I cooked some fresh carrots and Broccoli, BUT your supermarket has frozen or prewashed and cut up ready for you, any veggies work great here, just need a few minutes to crisp tender

I had cooked from scratch chic peas in my freezer I did a while ago, BUT you can buy and rinse canned that are just as good for this recipe, or any bean works here

Lastly, I took advantage of my supermarket for the shredded cheese, so can you

Now you have ingredients for stuffed peppers, stuffed zucchini, or a great fried rice dish, or hello, something else you might have in mind

Here is what I did today: amounts of your choice for your size family

Precooked my rice in half water and half veggie broth and a little curry powder

While that was cooking I fixed my carrots and broccoli, just to crisp tender as they will be cooked more

Defrosted my chic peas (another bean I keep on hand is cannellini)

Mixed all together with my shredded cheese of choice

Washed and dried my peppers, cut off tops, took out seeds, etc., stuffed and baked in a 375-degree oven for 30-35 minutes(time will depend on size of your peppers and amount of stuffing,) bake until done to your liking, prick with a fork to test!! Optional: top with a little more cheese and put back in oven until melted!

Now you can just do the same with your prebought items, see you can cook!!

Take care and Be safe!!

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