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Spring Has Sprung, Winter Fluffiness Be Gone, Or Meatless Monday! Yup!!

I have recently seen and or directly heard from people who are suffering what they are calling pandemic/winter weight gain. I, on the other hand like to say gotten a little fluffy around the edges. Those of us who live in the colder climates of winter especially suffered this, being home bound most of the winter for safety and to follow the rules and regulations placed upon us. We were forced to cook our meals at home, shop for what was available to us, and keep our families safe on smaller budgets. Comfort food popped up everywhere and let's face it, we enjoyed it. I raise my hand along with the rest of you. Instead of a New Year's resolution, a slowing down of the pandemic resolution might be where we are heading, nothing wrong with that.

When I start thinking cutting back my mind always heads to spaghetti squash dishes. For some reason, however, just that with some sauce and cheese never satisfies me. No matter how much I try the mind over matter idea, it simply does not help my craving for good ol spaghetti, period. I need lots of interesting items to satisfy me to make me a happy camper. That is where imagination in cooking, your most important tool comes in.....

Today was no exception, lots of yumminess and I was truly happy with my creation!

Here was my topping for today, and I might add several days to come.

First you need to cook your spaghetti squash in your favorite way and shred it for your strands leaving in the shell (see note)

While that is baking, make your topping

In amounts you desire sauté:

Diced tomatoes with some of the juice

Chopped sundried tomatoes

Dried oregano and garlic powder, to taste, until sundried tomatoes are nice and plumped

Next, I thinly sliced a baby bok choy, white parts only, and sauteed in the mixture several minutes til crisp tender

Next, I added some white cannellini beans from my freezer (you would use canned) shredded cheese

And the chopped bok choy green tops(green part)

Topped my prepared squash with my mixture

Baked 15 minutes more

When I serve, I might top with a little parmesan cheese, or sour cream, or just have as is

Note: I bake my squash at 375 degrees upside down sprayed with a little olive oil spray, depending on size 25-40 minutes, flip, cool then make my strands

This is also a great meatless Monday dish, or any day for that matter

Here's to keeping it simple and healthy......

Stay safe and Happy cooking!!

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