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Sometimes Only Italian Will Do, And Two Tomato Sauce Zoodles!!

Today I just needed something Italian to satisfy me, my favorite food category of all times. I love all ethnic foods, but am always drawn back to Italian. To me there is nothing like the smell of a good tomato sauce of some kind with some garlic and oregano and olive oil in your kitchen. Today I worked with once again what I had on hand and it was great. I have to admit I do make this combo quite often, when all the ingredients fall into place. However, also have to admit I just recently started making my own hand made zucchini noodles or zoodles after running across my simple little hand held vegetti noodle maker gifted me years ago.

Here is what I came up with today: Not a lot of time, Use what you can already prepared for you at your market!

Reconstituted some great sundried tomatoes I had on hand in hot water for 5 minutes, then dried and chopped them (this is not the olive oil packed ones) See Note

Chopped some fresh skin removed tomatoes 2-3 depending on size, (can leave skin on if preferred I don't like tomato skins in sauces) or a few whole canned chopped

Chopped up(quartered) 5 large black olives, or amount of choice, have also used green or combo of both here

Added in some oregano and garlic of choice (dried, fresh, or jarred and drained) (See note) in amounts to taste

Let this cook/simmer a bit to incorporate flavors

In my skillet I added some olive oil and sauteed my raw peeled and deveined shrimp for 4 minutes, do not overcook shrimp (optional) or (chicken or meat balls, or vegetarian)

While this was going, I cooked my Zoodles in boiling onion powder water for no more than 3 minutes, do not overcook, drained well (can also cook ahead and drain)

Served zoodles topped with the sauce, then shrimp and feta cheese today, cheese of choice, any favorite cheese will be fine

NOTE: Reconstituting simple means to restore something dried to it's original state by adding water to it, think, veggies, fruits or milk etc.

Note: do not salt anything until you have tasted the dish when done, there will be salt in your sundried tomatoes, olives, and cheese of choice

If all else fails, use this as a starting point and create from there, to each his own I always say, goes for cooking too......

Be safe, and Happy Cooking!!

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