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Sometimes I Make Sense, Sort Of!! This Could Be It!!

I'm sure you are thinking what is she posting now?? I am posting something I have been preaching to the choir as the saying goes for years and that is a really long time at my age. Something that I have done as long as I can remember and what I have always called my liquid gold. I have mentioned this before in previous posts, but not only do I post things, I practice what I preach so here goes....

This is today's liquid gold gleaned from several fresh veggies I prepared for the weekend. Some summertime favorites, farm fresh corn and yellow (summer) squash some call it. Hence the yellowish color. Cooking broth from them both and combined in one container for future cooking/recipes. I keep a container in my fridge going all the time for this purpose specifically. Anyone will tell you, vitamins are leached into your cooking waters as well as flavor. Think the most flavorful soups and stews prepared with this as well as other ideas I will mention below. I also keep containers in my freezer for fall and winter cooking, when the gorgeous summer vegetables are long gone.....

It's a lot of bang for your buck and no effort needed. A lot more of us are eating way more veggies these days, meat and other items are on the rise price wise. Why buy expensive packaged and canned veggie broths when you can have your own?

The many ways I use this liquid gold are of course clear broth soups and stews, butternut squash and potato carrot soup, as cooking water for rice, pasta, and all grains, cooking other veggies, cooking potatoes for potato salad, another words any way I can come up with.

You could probably come up with other ideas. Create and imagine.

Happy Cooking and Be Safe!!

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