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Some Days You Win, Some Days You Lose, Some Days You Break Even!!

Of course, I am speaking of in your kitchen!! For me, after 55 years of thinking of meals, imagination and ingenuity are necessary. Some of us can eat the same thing day after day and be happy, some of us are appalled by that. Some will eat leftovers, some won't. And in today's world each family member can be eating a different way. Shopping lists can be enormous trying to cater to each family member, not to mention expensive too. Of course, we all know the more ingredients we need for our recipes/dishes, the more expensive that dish becomes. When I browse a recipe and see a list of ingredients as along as my arm, I quickly move on from it. Give me a few of the best quality ingredients and spices and turn me loose.

Today I made a sweet potato casserole, simple, few ingredients (not the sweet potato casserole of the holiday variety) and you guessed it, with what I had on hand.

This is what I made today:

Peeled, diced and cooked 2 large sweet potatoes for 10 minutes, or until tender, drained well and put pot back on burner to dry out good, mashed, spiced and set aside to cool (it is very important that your mashed potato is nice and dry for this recipe)

While they were cooking, I fried 3 strips of a thick apple wood smokehouse bacon cut with my scissors in thin strips until crisp, drained well (can also dice if desired)

Next, I beat 2 large eggs

Mixed the cool potatoes, spices, bacon and eggs together and placed in my sprayed casserole dish

Then I topped with some leftover sauteed maple apple pieces saved from another day's menu

Baked at 375 for 35 minutes

Let sit 10 minutes

Today this will go with our insta pot roast chicken. Another day it might go with pork medallions or roast pork tenderloins. Another day this might be fried with some ham or eggs. It might be topped with a little more maple syrup or butter, or even my favorite sour cream. When we have a win then so does our family. Keep it simple and keep on creating!!

Stay safe everyone!!

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