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Simple Superbowl Weekend Ideas! Food Is Always On Our Minds!

Happy Super Bowl weekend!! If you are a true follower of football and the super bowl on this particular weekend food and beverages are one thing on your mind. For the game itself, finger food is the go to for most of us. Who wants to take their eyes off the game? Of course when you do, that is the play that goes down in history and you missed it. We've all been there and done that!

Today I am sharing with you a simple finger food idea that I use off and on. I have blogged one similar with different ingredients in the past. If you follow my blog you know that I have mentioned several times I am all about the sauces, dressings and condiments. I am always trying new and different ones in online sites. Some have been a huge success, others were a bomb. Never let the last little bit go to waste in the jar, experiment with it, add in something else, what have you got to lose you were tossing it anyway!

First of all an interesting cracker starts this off. Today I used an olive oil gourmet cracker, but any cracker will do. This is a very tweakable idea, however, the main ingredient is and should be for this recipe some type of ground meat loaf. This meatloaf can be made a few days ahead or Bonus, leftover meat loaf works too...Have all your ingredients ready beforehand and put together on the day of. Use a sturdy cracker and can be made ahead several hours and kept in the fridge.

Here is what I did today:

Meat loaf cut to desired size

Thin sliced cheese of choice

Cracker of choice

Spreads of choice (to anchor the meat loaf to the cracker) See Note

Pickles or olives and toothpicks for top, or topping of choice

How simple was that, but like I said the cracker and the spread are the key to this

Note: to give you some ideas, I used 3 different spreads today, a basil mustard, lime mayonnaise and bacon aioli

Hope you can use some of these ideas and add to your own. We all have our yearly favorites for the big game. Most of all just have fun!!

Happy Cooking and may your team win!

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