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Simple Super Bowl Ideas, Tips and A Super Simple Recipe!!

Once again, Super Bowl Sunday will be rolling around in a few days. Once again, I am sharing a simple recipe that could possibly work with your menu for that day. If not, then it is great for any time simple works in your schedule. It is a very tweakable recipe, and those are my favorite kind. This one is all about the presentation as well as the recipe itself. So, if you want to do something a little different, this idea is for you, all of my avocado loving people on here, me included!

First, I made a filling for my stuffed avocado half shells. I kept it simple, but that of course is up to you. I like to make the filling, fill the avocado shells I have with the mix, put the rest in a bowl on my platter and surround the bowl with the stuffed shells and my choice of crackers or chips. Before slicing my avocados, I wipe them with a damp paper towel and let dry if necessary.

My salad of choice today includes, diced avocado (sprinkle with lemon juice) diced hardboiled egg, diced tomatoes, diced celery, spices and a little dressing of choice. I used farmhouse mayo. Tuna works well here in place of the egg as does shrimp, shredded chicken, and so forth. (For this I like plum tomatoes, less seeds, then dice) OR how about serving guacamole in the shells, will keep dippers at bay.

This day I went with a light GF nacho chip to go with. Another day I might go with toasted baguette slices, or even as is. Like I said above, this is another idea to make a pretty presentation for your friends and family. They might even be impressed!! It's all about the fun!!

Happy Cooking, Stay Safe, and may your favorite team win!!

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