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Salsbury Steak, Bird's Nests, Comfort Food, Memories!!

Us older folks may remember the time of Salsbury steak on every menu and even in restaurants and diners. Back then cubed steak was the meat of choice, and you could find it everywhere. It consisted of cube steak, onions (not always) and brown (beef) gravy. It was served on either mashed potatoes or egg noodles and in my house, it was a favorite of my fathers. It was also a diner favorite once I was married. The Windsor diner back in those days had it on their menu at times and when they did, we always had to have some.

Sadly, today it is not heard of too much and in my town cubed steak has disappeared through the years. Because of that reason, burger patties tend to be used instead. It was always considered an inexpensive quick meal and we had it a lot.

Today, I was looking to recreate this meal and it was delicious. I used exactly what my mom did, minus the cubed steak because I couldn't find any and had the burger meat instead. I also, in honor of my father made a bird's nest to hold my gravy. Aren't memories wonderful?

Here is how I make it: (see notes)

Make my burgers nice and flat

Sautee in a pan until just about done, 2-3 minutes on each side

remove and add to a different skillet that my gravy is already heating in (optional) I don't like to use the same pan, but it is your choice, until heated through

Serve as seen in photo, your choice also

A few notes here, if using the onions, I sauté ahead of time and toss in the gravy the same time as I do the burgers

I simply use a good quality store bought beef gravy versus making some, in honor of my mom's way, once again, your choice

If you are looking for a comfort meal, give this a try, if you can find thin cubed steak so much the better. You'll be happy you did, and just might have your own memory or two!

Happy cooking, Be Safe!!

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