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Pass The Pistachios Please! Add In Applesauce, Smack Your Lips Good!!

We are all thinking of side dishes to go with our holiday dinners that are coming up in the next couple months. Of course, we all have our traditional ones that we just have to have every year. Our Grandmother's stuffing, our mother's pumpkin pie and so forth and so on. Through the last few years however, different styles and ways of eating have changed. And so, a lot of us are trying to think in a different way about what we are going to serve. Also, we are all trying to keep to our budgets which is so important these days. My theory has been to use simple ingredients where possible and add something to make it pop.

This is a recipe that I have used a lot in the past and also in recent months. It is vegetarian, simple, has only 3 ingredients and packs a walloping amount of flavor.

It is great reheated and keeps a long time. Because I have a family member who cannot have nuts, I serve them on the side and just use them as a topping stirring just before eating. If you do not have those concerns, then by all means add in just before bringing to your table. Because I feel that walnuts and pecans are in most holiday recipes, I like to use my favorite nut when I can, pistachios. Feel free to use your favorite too.

Here is what I do: No butter involved

Roast and mash my favorite squash, mine being buttercup

Add in applesauce, homemade or store bought (store bought is a little thinner generally, be sure your squash is nice and dry if using) to taste, starting with ½ to ½ and go from there

Add in nuts in amount of choice or pass a small dish around for topping

This will be on my thanksgiving table along with cheddar mashed potatoes, green beans and of course turkey with all the fixins

Yes, there will be leftovers, the best part of it all

Have a wonderful holiday and Happy Cooking!!

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