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Not The Usual Comfort Food Ingredients, But Here's How It Went!!

I am a fan of beef stroganoff, but I am not really a fan of steak strips in it as I feel it toughens if you have leftovers and want to reheat it another meal, and I am steak challenged anyhow. Even I won't eat my own cooked steak. In my family leftover meals are a way of life. I truly think it is the sour cream that goes in it that I really am the fan of. Sometimes I do make it with mushrooms most recipes call for, but I don't always have them on hand, they have what I call a short shelf life and I tend to go more for vegetables that have a longer shelf life! Two of my favorites are of course onions and cabbage. I like any kind of cabbage and if you are a brussels sprout fan they would work here also, cut in half or thirds depending on their size.

Today, on this snowy day I wanted a comfort meal and had to work with what I had. For some reason stroganoff was what appealed to me, but I was lacking in the ingredients needed, but did have light sour cream. Once again, I had to work with what I had, and this is what I came up with. It was delicious, quick, healthy and I had plenty of leftovers for a different approach on another day (see note below)

Here is what I did today:

Thinly shredded my cabbage in amount of choice

Thinly sliced my onion in amount of choice

Started sautéing in a little water in my skillet

Added my spices of choice in amounts of choice

Once my cabbage and onions started to soften, time will depend on thickness of slices, I pushed them to the side and added some ground turkey in amount of choice until cooked through then added some lite soy sauce

I served this on some whole wheat pasta this time

The final step in any stroganoff is to stir in some sour cream, which I did after my photo

Note: I add the sour cream on top when I serve it because on another day, I might add a can of tomatoes to the mixture and use as a topping for rice or spaghetti squash or as is, minus the sour cream

If you are a stroganoff fan, or even if not, this might appeal to you and your family. Sometimes simple is best, and this will prove that to be true!!

Stay Safe and Happy Cooking!!

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