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Not A Fan of Red Beets? Try Golden Instead!! Salad Anyone?

If you have followed my blog through the years, you know I am a fan of beets. In the last few years different kinds of beets have surfaced. If you are not a fan of red ones, you probably have not given the newer ones a second thought. Because I am a fan, I have tried the golden ones and find them to be much sweeter and for me, for some reason they seem to cook up a little faster. I even like combining the two in my recipes. I do have another blog post on here from several years ago with what I like to call beets 101. Different ways to cook and serve (April 2017)

Today I am sharing a simple salad with golden beets that I am a huge fan of. I like to cook my beets, peel and slice or dice while still warm and add the rest of my ingredients. However, I also make this with cold beets and a simple light salad dressing of choice. I like when the cheese warms just a tad from the warm beets, and not even bother with a dressing that way. As I have stated before, this way the flavors of the fresh ingredients shine through and are not masked by the dressing.

Here is my simple recipe: in amounts of your choosing

Diced golden beets

Feta cheese crumbled

Chopped walnut pieces

Fresh sliced basil pieces

Optional, salad dressing of choice

There are many ways you can change up this simple few ingredients' salad to your liking

I hope this helps change your mind about beets. You will be glad you did.

Happy Cooking!!

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