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My Vitamins In A Bowl Salad? Salad Tips And Ideas!

I feel a salad can be made out of any single ingredient you love, the more creative, the more interesting, the more apt you are to eat and enjoy it. I admit I have tried some things that did not fare so well, but how do we know unless we give it a try? I have made some and looked at my husband when done and said to him, "I can feel the vitamins just coursing through my veins." His reply, "I had vitamins too, in pill form." We are definitely not on the same wave length when it comes to food! I do, however have a favorite salad I enjoy all year round, and this is it...

I call this my vitamins in a bowl salad because it has so many great healthy ingredients. So, I am saying to you after eating this "I could just feel the vitamins coursing through my veins."

Here is what I did/do:

A day or two before, if I have none on hand, I cook my beets

I try to have a pepper of some color in strips or diced in my fridge at all times for quick salads, todays were yellow

Keep feta or goat cheese always on hand also, for quick dishes or salads, you can use other cheeses of choice, I have even used cottage cheese in a pinch, but my fav of them all is Feta here, (See note)

I also keep a container of lettuce torn up for ready salad making, iceberg is my go-to, gets a bad rap sometimes, but I love the crunch and crispness of it, so works for me

I am also never without nuts, chopped works for me, walnuts are my favorite in this salad

And lastly, a couple avocados are generally on my counter ripening most days

Dressing is generally what I have at the time, a Greek is preferable here, but I don't always have any, so just wing it

Arrange all items in amounts and way of choice

Note: my photo is minus the feta in order to show off the colors of this salad better

I hope I have at least inspired you to make the yummy salads we all share photos of when out to eat, but never bother to make at home. If you don't have a lot of time these days, just prepare one ingredient a day until you have what you like in your favorite restaurant salad, and create, it is just that simple!!

Be happy, Be healthy everyone!!

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