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My Kids Always Approved, Am Sure Yours Will Too!! Try These Rollups!

Once again, I first off need to say, thank you to several more new joiners in the last few days to my blog. It is a simple blog, for fun, no ads, no videos, and hopefully easy to follow instructions, that's about as technical as we get at my house. Welcome!

Today I am blogging a simple idea, a blast from my past as they say. I may have mentioned this in the past or not, but when my kids were little they were brought up with a mother who was always on a diet, yup and still am to this day, at least in my mind, Right Heidi, lol. Anyhow, sweets were not in abundance and so their snacks and a lot of meals consisted of lite fare. If you asked them what they wanted to eat, most often it was a "diet plate"! A lot of the times the protein on the plate was turkey or ham rollups, which they all loved, even my picky eater.  In fact when I told them both what I was blogging next they both said "oh diet plates", lol. Simple and depending on your amounts and ingredients fairly healthy! Today I am using ham, as that is what is in my fridge.

Ingredients: All in amounts of choice

Thin sliced ham (or turkey, bologna even salami if you so desire) Your budget, your choice

Room temperature cream cheese, I use light cream cheese, plain, flavored works great too

Thin sliced red pepper, celery, dill pickle (my choices)


Cream cheese has to be definitely room temp to spread thinly

Turkey or ham, etc. has to be cold and patted dry

Thinly spread 1/2 of the turkey or ham slice with a layer of cream cheese in amount of your choice

Place a couple thin slices of your veggie of choice on cream cheese end, roll up and stick with a toothpick

Note: a thin slice of a favorite cheese can be used in place of the cream cheese, I like the cream cheese because it acts as a glue for your veggie pieces, I find the cheese slices makes a more bulky rollup, and also more of a meal item. These are great to put out at a party, on a platter with some of each of what is inside the rollups, or a few makes a nice light snack, with a glass of wine or beer. Like I always say, of course, your kitchen, your choice.

Stay safe everyone!!

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