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My Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, I've Come a Long Way!

Almost everyone grew/grows up on grilled cheese. It is a childhood classic comfort food. As we age, we then graduate to grilled cheese and tomato soup. However, tomato soup was a harder sell to kids, me included. So, I graduated to chicken noodle soup with mine. Thank you Wonder white bread. Thank you

Kraft American cheese. Thank you, Campbells soup. Today, however give me a homemade tomato soup of some kind and I am definitely in. Also, today, my taste in grilled cheese sandwiches is all over the planet. I do love just a plain one, bringing me back to my childhood, but now and then I crave something salubrious, and have tried many strange combinations, some great and some not so great but get an A for effort.

Today, I decided, was going to be grilled cheese day in my house, and not any grilled cheese but a salubrious one, why not? It sounded like a grand idea on a day that started out at 7 degrees, I needed something comforting. Maybe you could use my idea too. My favorite grilled cheese bread choices vary but most often lean to Tuscan, Sourdough or Pumpernickel.

Here is what I did today: take time to assemble your creation

Lightly buttered one side of my Tuscan bread slice, placed buttered side down in my preheated skillet

Spread a thin layer of honey mustard (thanks Heidi)

Next came American cheese

Next a layer of paper thin sliced peeled apple

Next some fresh basil leaves

Next some precooked bacon, (ham works great here instead)

Another slice of the cheese

A little more mustard

Another slice of bread, lightly buttered the top

Grilled to perfection (don't rush this part, be sure the cheese is good and melted, it is the glue for the sandwich after all)

Don't get me wrong. This is what I call a treat sandwich, it doesn't happen every day. To me, the best sandwich is the one you have to hold together with both hands, so the insides stay inside. If that happens then you have got something to enjoy. When you have something this yummy you can nix the soup and won't even miss it.

Next time you are wanting something comforting, a treat and delicious all in one, try a grown-up grilled cheese of your own. Imagination counts.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Safe!!

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