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My After The Big Days Feel Good About It Salad, With A Sandwich Or Stand Alone!!

So, it's a few days after we indulged in the turkey and all the fixings. We loosened our belts and enjoyed the day, as we should have. It's all about family, friends and the food. We are now lucky to have all the wonderful leftovers, and might I say, they seem to taste even better the next few days. Maybe it is because the stress of getting it all perfect for those we love, everything done on time, and delicious is now in the rear-view mirror. Whatever the reason may be, leftovers will be eaten for several days, if not more....

I like the usual hot turkey sandwich, turkey pot pie, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich and on and on. However, after all that, the mashed potato, squash, green bean casseroles, rolls and desserts, I suddenly need something light on my menu. This simple salad is one of my favorites, and is very tweakable with whatever you have to work with....

Here is what I do in amounts of your choice:

Chopped iceberg lettuce (for the crispness)

Peeled and diced apple of choice (can leave skin on if you prefer) pears are great here too

Shredded sharp cheddar cheese, or cheese of choice, (shred some of your leftover cheese if you have some)

Chopped walnuts, or nut of choice

This combo works for me, if I happen to have pears, I sometimes use both apple and pear

And last, light ranch or full fat salad dressing, I have tried other dressings, but for some reason the ranch works wonders for me. (blue cheese is another good choice!)

If you are a fan of salads, give this combo a try, you will be glad you did!! If you still have turkey or ham dice some of that and toss in too!

Happy Cooking!! Stay Safe!!

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