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My 3 B's Stuffed Zucchini, I'm Ready For Zucchini, Are You?

I am ready for some good ol fresh garden zucchini. I know, very shortly I will be saying I am sooo sick of zucchini, but not today it seems. So, I managed to snag a couple small zucchini at my corner market and just had to make them stuffed. Along with chocolate zucchini bread and zucchini pizza rounds, stuffed zucchini gets 5 stars from me.

Yes, it is hot and humid here and I have a usual rule of thumb, no baking on hot, humid days, but sometimes you make an exception.

Here is what I did today:

Cut a thin slice off tops of my zucchini and hollowed them out

Filling was done as follows:

Sauteed one small beef burger hanging out with a little onion powder

Added in some brown rice from my freezer stash

Added some sauteed Bok choi leftover from another day (recipe below)

Dolloped in some fat free sour cream

Mixed together and stuffed my zucchini

Baked at 375 about 20 minutes (see note)

Topped with some shredded cheese for another couple minutes

Note: time will depend on size of zucchini and thickness mine were pretty thin

Bok Choi Stir fry:

Slice Bok choi, place in large bowl of water to clean, letting dirt sink to bottom,

Sautee and spice in way of choice, I used olive oil, some fresh parsley, fresh rosemary, and turmeric, cooking until desired tenderness

Does anyone actually make just enough stuffing for their stuffed veggies?? Well not me for darn sure, so I either freeze for another day or bake it off and eat as is.

Oh, yes, the 3 B's: beef burger, brown rice and Bok choi

Feel free to use ground turkey or chicken those are great too

Sometimes I add shredded cheese to the filling, but these were small so just topped with

Happy summer everyone!!

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