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Like Tuna, Put It In, Not A Fan, Leave It Out, It's That Simple! And A Thank You!!

I have read several articles in past months that say tuna sales are way down because the new generation of kids and young adults are not a fan of tuna. So, the tuna industry is trying new ways of packaging it, etc. to appeal to them. Pull tab top cans, easy open packets, spices, oil, etc. Can openers be gone!!

That being said, I am a fan of tuna, always have been, one because it is relatively inexpensive, and two because it is good for you. I was raised on macaroni and tuna salad but have to admit, not one of my favorite things the way my mother made it in those days. Tuna, macaroni and miracle whip, and that was it. I am a firm believer if you doctor something up it could become much more appealable, especially to children.

I have seen a lot of recipes on food blogs with tuna and a lot of nasty comments, among them the gagging emoji, and people saying I would never eat that it is gross. Here are my thoughts on that, please don't comment at all if you need to be nasty, or just leave the tuna out and add something else. Why have we become so hateful behind our computer screens? To you, my followers here and on FB, I want to say thank you for the wonderful comments and messages I get often on my posts. This is just for fun for me, not a career or business, but makes me feel sad for the ones who do it for a living and get treated so nasty!!!

Today I have made a macaroni and tuna salad, with fresh diced tomatoes, cucumbers, marinated artichoke hearts, and spices and my dressing.

Here is what I did today: You would of course use amounts of choice, spices of choice, tuna of choice, and pasta of choice:

Cooked my small macaroni shells and drained well and cooled (2 1/2 cups total cooked)

While that was cooking and cooling, I diced small

1 medium cucumber

3 medium size roma tomatoes, I find these drier and less seeds to water salad down

4 small marinated artichoke hearts

1 5 oz can tuna, drained

Herbes de Provence amount of choice

2 TBsp of the marinated artichoke oil

2/3 cup light mayo

Mixed all together and refrigerated several hours at least or overnight is even better

This is better in the next few days, like most recipes are

But of course, if you are not a fan of tuna, try chicken, ham, salami, eggs or whatever you might come up with. Creation is a wonderful thing!!

Happy cooking and Be Safe!!

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