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Just A Simple Quick Side Dish, Have You Tried Rainbow Swiss Chard?

Today I am sharing a simple way to fix rainbow Swiss chard or any green actually. I like the rainbow because I find it a little less bitter than a lot of greens. However, rainbow is not always as readily available as regular green.

As with any type of green I always slice, dice or chop, then toss in a big bowl of cold water and let sit for a bit, swirling around a couple times, and any debris will sink to the bottom.

I then sauté in just the water that clings to the leaves right from the water bowl, adding in my spices or whatever desired go with. Today, I used a couple slices chopped/diced raw bacon, (great for flavoring) turmeric, black pepper and fresh chopped Italian parsley leaves. I chop the stems small and if very large slice in half lengthwise.

Sauté time will depend on your chard itself; more tender smaller leaves will take less time than larger ones, your size pieces, your desired doneness. Another words the cooks


To date my cooking times have ranged from 5-6 minutes to 10-12 (for very tender leaves and crisp tender stem pieces), my preferred way to eat them.

Instead of cooking my greens in oils I add a tiny pat of butter or a dash of an oil when serving. Give these a try, you won't be sorry.

Have a wonderful weekend, be safe!!

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