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It's Not Always Better With Bacon, It Can Be Great Without!!

We have all seen the recipe that goes around every spring when asparagus starts showing up around this time of year. Hard-boiled egg, asparagus and chopped bacon. Believe me I have had my share and then some. Of course, it is delicious, why wouldn't it be? But right now, I am boycotting bacon. Why you ask? My answer is twofold, rising prices and trying to eat a little healthier these days. I convinced myself I did not need it and so here I am, for now anyway, sharing a different approach to this combo. Might I add it was also delicious!!

My ingredient list consists of 4 simple items, plus a dressing, in amounts of choice

Hard-boiled egg

Lightly blanched to crisp tender and chilled asparagus spears

Thinly sliced or diced sundried tomatoes, preferably in oil

Chopped walnuts or nut of choice

Favorite dressing, store bought or homemade

Today I went with my favorite light ranch, but have also used blue cheese and Italian

Technically these ingredients are deemed good for you, each of them for their

own reasons. If you think you could do without the bacon here, or in any recipe for now, you might be doing yourself, your budget and your family a world of good. I am not saying don't eat bacon, I sure plan to have it now and then, but give this a try too!!

Happy Cooking, Stay Safe!!

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