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It's a Wrap!! Not Food Related, But My Stuffed Peppers Qualify!! Read On!!!

Those of you who know me and my family are aware that in the past couple of weeks, a movie crew, led by director Shawn Welling, has been here from Texas filming a movie based on a book written by my husband, If I Could Ride. We are so proud of him. It was fun, a lot of work, and going to be so worth it all when the movie premiere happens May 15 at the Lebanon Opera House.. A lot of people helped feed the crew and the whole town and surrounding businesses were so gracious to everyone involved. I did make some things for them, but we believe in supporting our small businesses right now and had local food places and caterers and or both feed everyone too. All in all, it was a huge success! Thanks to everyone!! It's a wrap!!

Now I have a question for you? What do Italian sausages, mushrooms, zucchini and cheese have in common. Well, I will tell you, they are the filling to my delicious stuffed peppers for today!! Of course, you know if you follow my blog, I love stuffing things and today was no different. I have several stuffed pepper recipes on here, each one with their own tips!! Yup, I love stuffed peppers and hope you will too!! I am transitioning from farm stand fresh summer to fall products slowly, always sad to see the summer bounty end, so am still kind of in that extending summer bounty recipes mode....

Here is what I did today: These are my amounts, you would adjust to your family's needs

Scrambled 2 Italian sausages (out of casings) then drained and set aside(could even do this the day before if have a time crunch)

While that was scrambling, I cleaned and diced 5 large mushrooms, Diced 1/2 of a medium size zucchini and sauteed with some Herbes De Provence for 5 minutes to dry them out a little(your own spice choices would be used here)

Then I added in the scrambled sausages and 1/2 cup of a shredded cheese to bind it all together

Stuffed the filling into my cleaned and prepared peppers (see note)

Baked at 375 for 20 minutes, added little more cheese and baked 3 minutes more

Photo shows 3 with cheese and 1 without for visual purposes before placing back in oven

Note: I do not precook my peppers or use any liquid in the bottom of the baking vessel

I like my peppers a little crisp tender, that is of course, your choice.

I also always poke a little hole in my peppers before serving to reduce some of the moisture that might be there especially when using what I call what can be watery ingredients when cooked.

Give these a try. Or if not these, something you come up with. Just remember to keep cooking fun and it won't seem so much like a chore.

Be Safe and Happy Cooking!!

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