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It Is Time to Say Goodbye! And Thank You!!

After much thought and consideration, I have decided it is time to retire my blog. I have enjoyed every minute of it and loved all the comments, messages and friends I made along the way. This was not a career for me or a way to earn a living. It was a simple fun way to share recipes I made through the years for my kids, family and friends. My family set it up for me as a Christmas gift years ago, much to my surprise, and has given me many years of pleasure.

In today's world things have gotten more advanced for my needs. Insta pots, air fryers, crockpots, fancy coffee makers and such (my tiny kitchen cannot house one more appliance) have blossomed along with many new home delivery food services with shopping done and prepared meals, home delivery services for take-out and on and on. At my old age I am into just plain simple cooking. Keeping up with all these new fads and not fads is way beyond what I wish to do at this point in my life. On any given day now, you can jump on google or a favorite website and pull up hundreds of recipes on anything you desire with half a dozen photos, videos, and plenty of ads. Factor in all of the above and no one is gonna go hungry.

Thanks so much to all of you and may you all have so many safe, happy, healthy and well-fed years ahead!!

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