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In Just 20 Minutes or Less, A Frittata Can Impress! Eggsactly!!

First off, I need to say welcome to my newest members this week. This is just a simple blog for fun. No fancy videos, no sponsors, no ads, only one photo and sometimes even a senior blooper now and then. After all it is two seniors who are running the show!! I try to post recipes tips and ideas for everyone whatever your food preferences may be. If not today's recipe, maybe the next one will be perfect. Thanks so much for joining in!!

In need of a quick meal? Unexpected company drop by? Items running low? These are just a few of the reasons a simple frittata can save the day. As long as you have eggs and leftovers in the house you always have a meal at your fingertips. Today I found myself working with leftover broccoli, baked fresh salmon and cheese.

I don't think there is a food item I have not tried in a frittata. I really cannot think of anything that didn't work, but then again, I consider myself an adventurous eater, if you are not you might want to stick to the basic items. A frittata reheats quickly, and some people even freeze them. I have not gone that route, however. Because they cook fairly quickly, I never use raw items in mine. It's a matter of choice for certain. I also never use any additional liquid, just my eggs and spices. Some do but then you are heading into a quiche, which is a whole different deal!!

A frittata is started on the stove then finished off in the oven, versus a quiche which is baked entirely.

Here is what I did today: Preheat oven to 350

Started heating my cast iron skillet to melt my coconut oil which was my choice of oil today

Next, I beat 7 large eggs with some Herbes De Provence, turmeric, a little black pepper and a dollop of a stout grainy mustard

Swirled my oil in my preheated pan being sure to get some up the sides as well

Next, I turned up my heat and added my egg mixture until it started to set on the bottom, then I added my broccoli, salmon and lastly my shredded cheese

Placed in the preheated oven and baked another 10 minutes, amount of time will depend on the number of eggs you are using and the thickness as it rises

It is done when you press on the center top, and it is nice and set or when a sharp knife inserted in the center comes out clean

Once you get the system down you can make one in 20 minutes or less. All you need is organization and items that are ready to go, and once again I say, a little creativity.

Happy Cooking and Be Safe!!

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