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IMO Super Bowl Food Should Be Simple, But Good!!

In a few days, super bowl fever will be here again. Congratulations and good luck to both teams, I have no favorite! There are two things that always surround the excitement on that day, the game, of course, and the food! In my opinion, the food should be simple, easy to eat and delicious. I have made many fancy dishes through the years, believe me, and as my family got smaller and smaller my needs got much simpler. This year with Covid, I am sure the same is true for a lot of you. So, today I thought I would share this simple idea....

I know we have all done baked stuffed potatoes, twice baked potatoes and so on, and yes, I do have recipes on here for those, but I do find them a little time consuming, which is fine if I want to spend the time, but when the game is on, you need something to grab and go, or something that can sit a bit and still work great.

This is what I did today. I have shown 3 different ways these can be eaten.(see photo) First, I baked some large russet potatoes the day before. The reason I do this is because they are so much easier to slice when cold, and I also leave the skin on, keeps the slice together while frying, and makes a killer outside. Yes, this recipe is a play-off off baked stuffed potatoes and or baked potato skins, but not quite the same thing!

Heat up your skillet and add what you usually would for frying and add your potato slices in thickness desired. (See note) Once you have reached your desired doneness, it is time for your toppings, turn off heat and let sit a minute or so for cheese to start melting. In my family, the plain ones will go to my hubby served with just ketchup. The rest of them will get topped with the cheese, bacon and sour cream, and hopefully some salsa if I make it to the store before then. Quick, easy, delicious!!

Note: I make my slices a tad thinner then 1/2 inch, of course it is your choice.

Give these a try, if not for super bowl, any time works, your family will be happy, and isn't that what it is all about....

Stay safe everyone!!

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