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If All Else Fails Hash It Take 2!!

Yes, I have blogged a hash post several years ago, because I believe that a hash is a great way to use up leftovers. Today, now more than ever that's true. With prices rising daily on groceries who can afford to waste anything. If you shop the sales, fresh, frozen or even canned, a simple hash can be very cheap for your budget. My motto with a hash anything goes.

Also, I need to confess, today I am using a blunder in my hash as well as leftovers, plus a can of diced rinsed well potatoes, which I keep on hand for the simple reason of deciding a hash is on the menu on a whim.

When making a hash precooked items work the best. If not precooked plan on extra time and care to be sure everything gets done properly.

On to my blunder item, my tough pork chops I overcooked the other day. Note to self, when a phone call comes in and you are cooking pork chops, let the darn phone ring. Anyhow, once again, if all else fails, hash it.

Here is what I did today: amounts of your choice

Whirred up my tough pork in my food processor to pea size pieces

Diced up my leftover green beans

Rinsed and drained well my can of diced potatoes

Sauteed my diced mushrooms

Added my spices of choice

Mixed all together and fried in my skillet until nice and crispy

Served topped with a perfectly done poached egg (thank you goes to my hubby on the egg)

I'm sure you could whip up a delicious hash in your kitchen with your families' favorite items if you had a minute. I am a lover of potatoes, mushrooms and green beans together and they go into a lot of my hashes. See what you can come up with and save money and waste at the same time. It's a win win!!

Happy cooking and creating!!

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