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I Plant The Seeds, You Help Them Grow!!

Maybe you have figured it out by now, or maybe not! I am not your common food blogger. My blog is also about maybe learning a new idea, and maybe simpler ways of doing things. I don't have to answer to sponsors therefore I pretty much chat about this n that. Another words, whatever pops in my mind, and sometimes pops right out again. I have through the last 5 years tried to train myself to measure ingredients for my posts, sometimes it works and sometimes I totally forget. Before starting this blog measuring equipment was pretty much rarely used in my kitchen. For baking only and I might add seldom used as baking is not one of my favorite activities.

Most of my recipes are ideas, planted in your mind, and from there, hopefully you add in your own ideas and help them grow to something your family would enjoy and you can be proud to serve them.

Today, is the perfect example..

Here is what I came up with, and of course, you would use what works for your tastes, in amounts of your choosing, because if we all liked the same things, what a boring life it would be!!

First, I cut into quarters, unpeeled, my amber max(a winter squash) squash, sprayed with a little olive oil spray and spices and roasted them in a 400-degree oven until tender. Another time I might peel and cube and roast but was not in the mood for all that today.

While that was roasting, I removed a container of white rice from my freezer, popped in the microwave until defrosted and drizzled with a little olive oil for added moisture.

Once the squash was done roasting, I let cool a little then diced right in the skin and hollowed out the pieces, tossed it right in the rice and added a couple handfuls of chopped walnut pieces, and a couple handfuls of a toasted coconut I get online. Mixed all together and had a great side dish for my baked salmon. Quick, delicious, healthy and a dish that can go in so many directions. Any kind of rice, any kind of winter squash, any kind of nut, and dried fruits along with the nuts and coconut! And you guessed it, I had no idea what I was going to make when I started, or what my add ins would be!! I started with the main ingredient my squash, and let it grow from there.

Cooking is all about fun and creativity. It's just that simple! Don't complicate and take the fun out of it!

Happy Cooking and Be Safe!!

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