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I Call This Veggie a Hidden Gem, My Tips for a Great Side Dish or More!!

Imagine how happy I was when visiting my local organic farm stand, and they had Napa cabbage. Wait, don't say I don't like cabbage if you have not tried this one. It is milder, sweeter and thinner than regular cabbage. In fact, you probably have had it as it is used in a lot of different ethnic cooking. It is my favorite and I use it a lot of different ways. Regular cabbage not so much.

First let me tell you how easy it is to clean. Just slice across in strips and drop in a bowl of cold water like you do leeks and any dirt or particles will drop to the bottom, remove with a slotted spoon or spider. Now you are ready to use.

Here is my simple side dish I made for today:

I sauteed the cleaned cabbage, along with a small diced red pepper, in my rosemary olive oil along with fresh Italian Parsley and fresh Basil leaves until crisp tender and just lightly brown. Here is where you create with what your family prefers.

I served topped with a little more basil. On another day I might have added some soy sauce or teriyaki sauce for a different concept. I also might on another day add in some protein of choice and serve over rice. Try it in soups or stews in place of kale or spinach after sautéing it a bit. You get the idea. Just a simple vegetable that packs a punch in any dish!!

Give these ideas and tips a try.

Happy Creating and Be Safe!!

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