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Heavy On The Veggies, Light On The "Treat" Item, Sheet Pan Tips!!

Today I am sharing some of my tips on sheet pan roasting veggies, etc. This is a great make ahead way to do them in large amounts for meal preps for your week. Because I am a fan of roasting my veggies, I make a lot of them. Tip number 1 I found is to use or invest in if you do not have one, a nonstick sheet pan. The reason I say this is because this way you can lightly spray your pan first, cutting down on the amount of oil most people use to coat the veggies. I know there is foil and parchment paper, but why keep buying them when one pan will work indefinitely? Plus, have you bought these items lately? They are getting expensive as we speak. For this whole pan full I used 3 scant TBSP of oil. Tip number 2 is to place your cut up items you are roasting in a bowl to coat instead of pouring your oil all over them spread out in the pan. That way they all get coated evenly by mixing with a spoon. Lastly of course, makes sense, cut your quicker cooking veggies larger, your longer cooking veggies, smaller. This saves having to keep opening and adding items in your oven for even cooking. For example, cut your carrots in sticks versus rounds, they will cook so much faster that way. Potatoes and winter squash are other items to consider cutting in sticks or really thin pieces. Oven temp is 450 if you are in a hurry, 425 will do the trick also, but take a little longer. However, if raw meat is involved, do for 15 minutes first then add your veggies. Time will depend on size and kind of pieces and how you like your items done. Practice makes perfect!

Here is what I did today: one of my fav combos, amounts of choice

2 small yellow squash, thank you Heidi

1 medium zucchini, long narrow the better, less big seeds

4 local fresh garden carrots, peeled or unpeeled, your choice

Some fresh rosemary and Italian Parsley

And my "treat" item for this recipe, 3 chicken Italian precooked sausages (yes, all recipes deserve a small amount of a treat item) I love the Al Fresco precooked sausages for my recipes. No, I am not a spokesperson, lol, just happen to like them and my small corner market carries them

This particular amount today and ingredients took 35 minutes, being sure to turn half way through

Everything was done perfectly to desired tenderness. If you will be reheating, you might want to undercook them just a tad. Your kitchen, your choice.

The sky is the limit on sheet pan roasting, once you get the hang of it, you will amaze yourself with the different combos you will come up with!!!!!

Happy cooking, be safe!!

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