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Have You Tried This, If Not Read On? Or Read On Anyway!!

Some of you are probably wondering what this photo is all about. Some of you might already know if you have tried it. I must confess I had to look back through the years postings to see if I had even shared this idea. You guessed it, I have not. Yes, I every once in a while, look up a recipe I want to make hoping I did post it.....

This is all about Greek yogurt for me. I have not tried it with regular yogurt but am guessing it would work with that also. I am a huge fan of Greek yogurt and sour cream. I am usually happy with either or in a recipe with one exception. I find, depending on some brands of the yogurt, after a portion or two has been removed, it gets watery on the top. I am also a fan of thick yogurt for a lot of reasons, one example being nachos, I don't want a watery yogurt topping mine, or my zucchini fritters either. My method is simple, I strain the yogurt in coffee filters. Some suggest cheese cloth works well here too. I have not tried that because I have coffee filters on hand all the time, grab them at my dollar store really cheap, and don't have to rewash anything. I just line my strainer with 1 or 2 coffee filters, depending on the amount of liquid that has formed on top, add the amount I want to strain, set over a bowl and refrigerate overnight. This particular batch was 1 1/2 cups of yogurt and measuring the liquid when done amounted to 1/3 cup. What you will end up with is a thicker, drier product. Add in a little honey or maple syrup and you have a nice treat dessert.

Happy cooking, Be safe!!

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