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Gnocchi Where Have You Been All My Life? Has It Been In Yours?

A few weeks ago, while placing an online order, I came across gnocchi. Believe it or not in my 50 plus years of eating and cooking I had not heard of these. I proceeded to order some just for the heck of it as they say. Of course, once I received it, I began investigating what it actually is, little dumplings made from potatoes, lower in calories and carbs then pasta, and the most important key for me cooks in 2-3 minutes. Ok, now I am in. Just place the dumplings in a boiling liquid of some type and as soon as they rise to the top, they are done. Do not overcook or they can become mushy. I also noticed in my investigation that boiling then frying gnocchi is another way to go. So, today I whipped up my first simple gnocchi recipe, took less then 10 minutes, and it was a huge hit!!

Here is what I did today:

Defrosted a quart container of homemade bone broth from my freezer ahead of time, of course you could use boxed or canned broth

Cut up leftover roasted chicken, 2 cups

1/2 cup Leftover peas

5 sliced mushrooms

gnocchi, 1 cup

Brought the broth to a boil, added the gnocchi, as soon as it rose to the top removed with a slotted spoon to my bowl, tossed in the chicken, mushrooms and peas for a quick reheat/cook, ladled over the gnocchi

I did not use any spices in this however, as my broth and chicken were heavily spiced

OF course, you could use veggie broth to cook the gnocchi, any vegetables you like and any spices of choice to make it interesting to your family

Just that simple!!

I will be trying other gnocchi recipes in my future cooking endeavors for sure. I hope this might inspire you to give them a try if you have not before.

Happy Cooking, Be Safe, and don't forget to make cooking fun. Even if it doesn't turn out spectacular, nobody but you will know what you were aiming for, there is always another day!!

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