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First It Was Questionable, But Then Finally It Wasn't!!!

Some of you like me I am sure had ham for Christmas. Some of you like me had bone in, unsliced, and delicious ham. The fact is all ham is great to me. One of the reasons is you can do a lot with it. I'm pretty sure after cutting it up, you also like me, have lots of small pieces, especially if your ham also is bone in. I have several different ways I like to use the smaller pieces and today I decided to go one way and then ended up with another, and then another, and of course, another.

My original plan was to chop them small and make a western or eastern (without the onion). Next, I considered ham and cheese omelets, great way to use pieces, then ham and pickle spread, and lastly what you read here is how it all turned out, sort of, whirred up for patties (I have a recipe on here with apples and cheese) and finally into a ham and shredded carrot loaf (think meat loaf) to slice, fry and top with a poached egg. Now that we have that all figured out, here is my recipe du jour as they say!!

Here is what I finally did: amounts of choice (or mine)

2 cups of whirred up ham in a food processor

½ cup of shredded carrot

1 xlarge beaten egg (or 2 egg whites)

2 heaping TBSP of panko breadcrumbs (plain)

Spices of choice, no salt here, ham is salty enough, I used curry powder, dehydrated scallions, and my mix of a little of this and that in the bottom of the jars tossed together (I call this my creation) also great here is grated onion and garlic if family members can eat these items (optional)

Placed in a lightly sprayed mini loaf pan and baked at 375 for 40-45 minutes

Here is where you come in. It is truly your choice what to do with the mixture once you have one. Another day I might make patties or burgers out of this, but today this is how I went. Also, try some of my other suggestions above if you have ham to work with, you will be glad you did.

This is my last post of 2022. I will see you if all goes well in 2023, until then Stay Safe and Happy Cooking!!

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