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Feel Good About Eating It Stuffed Purple Pepper!! Color Matters!

Once again utilizing my farm stands and gifted vegetables, I today made stuffed peppers, another one of my favorite simple meals. One of the reasons is because anything goes in stuffed pepper filling, at least in my opinion. In the winter months my peppers might be stuffed more heartily, but in the summer months vegetables and rice are my main go to.

Today I was lucky enough to grab some purple peppers, pretty much available everywhere in the last couple of years. The experts say, and I use the word experts lightly, color matters in what we eat. To me, taste matters a tic more, just because it's colorful doesn't always mean it is good and if it is not good, no way will I bother eating it.

This is my filling of choice today and my amounts. You of course would adjust to your needs for your size family. These also freeze great, however, the pepper might take on a different structure.

2 medium size purple peppers

2 cups shredded zucchini, sauté for a couple minutes to get rid of some of the moisture, this step is optional but I find it makes a drier filling

1 1/3 cup of precooked rice of choice

2/3 cup of fresh garden chopped/diced tomatoes

1/2 heaping cup of pre rinsed black beans, or any small bean can be used here

1/2 cup of shredded cheese of choice, I used Monterey jack

Oregano to taste

Turmeric to taste

Black pepper to taste

Mix together and place in fridge while preparing your peppers to thicken up a little

Some people prefer stuffing the whole pepper some in half, this is your choice (see note)

Some people par boil the pepper, I never do, also your choice, I don't care for a mushy pepper and to me that is what par boiling does

Bake in a 375-degree oven until pepper is soft to the touch but still holding its shape, thickness matters, mine today were very thin and were done perfectly in 30 minutes

Top with a little more cheese if desired the last few minutes

Serve with any toppings you might desire, salsa is a good choice, today I went with my favorite sour cream!!!

Note: the shape and size of your pepper might determine how to stuff, whole or half

I do have several other stuffed pepper filling ideas on here, no matter what you use, your family will be happy.

Happy cooking, Be safe!!

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