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Egg White Crust, Leftovers, Brunch Pizza, Quick, Simple! Egg Freezing Tips!

Maybe you have Easter or weekend leftovers. If not, you can easily create some toppings for your egg white crust. This combination happens to be our favorite. Because we have our own chickens and eggs I can make at a moment's notice. We eat a lot of eggs and so I try to have them in many different ways. Don't waste the yolks, however, just freeze them for a later date. You can also freeze egg whites. The simplest way is to put in ice cube trays, freeze them then put in freezer containers. Then just defrost overnight for your next recipe or omelet or whatever. Of course, you can use the store-bought ones if necessary.

My leftovers today consisted of my asparagus, and ham. Of course, you can't have pizza without some kind of cheese, or I can't anyway or it's not pizza. I used a shredded blend.

Tip: these take just a few minutes so you might want to precook your items a little first if not leftovers, it is a matter of choice.

Here is what I do:

Beat my egg whites well, amount of choice, generally 4-5 for an 8-inch pan or 7-8 for a 10-inch pan, depending on size of eggs, the smaller the amount the thinner the crust, and also, they puff up a little when cooking

Add to my prepared pan

Cook until the bottom is well set, 3-4 minutes

Flip it over and top with my toppings of choice, asparagus and ham today

Let cook for 2-3 more minutes until bottom is well set

Top with the cheese and cover pan for a minute or two until cheese is melted

It might take a time or two to get it perfect, but who needs perfect anyway? It's delicious

no matter what!

Happy Cooking, Keep Creating and Stay Safe!

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