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Don't Groan at Gifted Zucchini, Embrace It!! Check Out My Ideas!!

Everyone gets nervous this time of year, why? because it is zucchini season, and it is everywhere in abundance. It's the time of year people need to get rid of some of it in order to keep sane. Yes, been there more times than I can count. It is also the time when zucchini recipes pop up everywhere. Zucchini bread especially because every cook believes their recipe is the best. You are either a fan or you are not. So, today I went a different route with a few that I had.

I have to confess I also had some overcooked boneless skinless chicken breasts that I needed to use up. As you know from following my blog, my favorite way to fix overcooked meat is to process the heck out of it in my food processor, and either burger it or make a sandwich spread with it. Today I had enough to do both. Below I will give another way I will use the leftover burgers.

Today I went very simple with my chicken zucchini burger, and as a side had simple zucchini, steamed, topped with some taco shredded cheese. Was a win all around. Had a nice meal and used my zucchini. On another day I would have used store-bought ground chicken or turkey.

Here is my simple recipe: Your amounts would depend on amount of store-bought ground meat

4 cups of ground chicken

2 small chicken eggs

1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs (GF if you go that route)

2 TBSP of stout German mustard

Ground cumin to taste

Oregano to taste

1 1/2 cups of grated zucchini

Mix well let set at least 15 minutes, if possible, in fridge (for ease in forming burgers)

Fry, bake or BBQ in way of choice (I fry in coconut oil and always in my cast iron skillet)

Tomorrow I will have sliced garden tomato, cheese and a burger on a toasted English muffin

I will also freeze several for another time

You don't have to go to a lot of work to use zucchini if you don't have the time. When you are working with fresh farmstand vegetables keep what you do with them as simple as possible, you will be glad you did....

Hope this helps, Be Safe!

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