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Don't Forget The Deviled Eggs, Maybe My Artichoke Filling? Happy 4th!

Another fourth of July is soon upon us. Picnics, BBQs and such can be enjoyed again this year, and are now even more special than ever. My mind always goes to deviled eggs as a side dish for any type of menu, as does a lot of yours too. There are many recipes out there, and of course, I don't count out ones carried down through your family. Everyone I know has a family favorite deviled egg recipe. Some get fancy with stuffing the egg with the luscious filling, some don't. My photo tells my story to be sure. I'm all about what is in it, not so much how it was placed there. Patience is not a virtue as they say for me, but any time I can enjoy a deviled egg is what matters in the big picture.

Today I decided to make one of my favorite fillings forgoing the traditional yolk, salt and pepper, mustard and mayo.

Here is what I did today: all amounts your choice

Made my eggs in my insta pot 5-5-5 rule

While these were going, I finely chopped my marinated drained artichokes

Peeled/sliced my eggs in half, wiping my knife each time

Removed my yolks and mashed well

Added my chopped artichokes, turmeric, black pepper (always use with turmeric for best health benefits) and a farmhouse mayonnaise I get online. Any mayo/mustard combo works here, just something with a little bite to it works wonders

Simple as that, one of the easiest dishes you can make and take!!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone, Be safe!

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