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Cold Weather Is Coming!! Rustic Meat, Potato, Veggie Soup on the Menu!

Even though we have been blessed with a warmer winter so far here in Vermont, we all knew it had to happen. cold weather is on the way. As soon as I start seeing those type of weather predictions my mind turns to, of course, a nice bowl of comforting soup. Through the years, I have found, however, that men don't exactly feel that same way. I have heard everything from it is not filling enough to it is too messy to eat, and even it is a girly/woman thing. IN my house I just get I just don't really care for soup, with no particular reason given....

All of this, however, has not discouraged me from making a lot of soups in my 50 plus years, and I will still be making them in my next 50. There are so many reasons they are good for you and so many reasons they can help keep our food budgets down, and most important of all they are healthy.

One of my favorite soups is what I like to call my rustic meat, potato and veggie soup. Why do I call it that? because I don't worry about how the veggies are cut up, any shape goes, and because I also add in leftover peeled cubed baked potato and diced leftover meat loaf of some kind. With this soup I tend to stick with simple celery, onion and carrots for the veggies, and the potato and meat loaf. This combination makes a nice hearty soup, maybe one the man in your life would even eat. Of course, the meat loaf will break down a little but that is okey, it thickens the soup a tad.

Here is what I used/did today: amounts of choice up to you.

Turkey bone broth (see note)




Spices, curry powder, bay leaves, Italian seasoning, and fresh chopped parsley leaves

Prebaked cubed peeled potatoes.

Cubed my ground turkey leftover meat loaf (see note)

Cooked my first 3 ingredients and spices in way of choice, either water or some of the broth until tender

Added my precooked cubed potatoes.

Added my leftover meat loaf until all heated through.

Note: chicken or veggie broth works great here also

Note: beef broth and ground beef meat loaf works too

When I make baked potatoes and meat loafs, I always have soup with the leftovers in mind. I hope this gives you some ideas to create your own delicious soup for the cold spell on the way.

Be Healthy, Be Safe!!

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