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Beet Burger? For This Beet Lover, Yes! Homemade Honey Walnut Cream Cheese? Again, Yes!

First, I would like to say hello and welcome aboard to our newest member to my blog.

Today I was cruising around my supermarket trying to decide on what to make, what to buy, and what's the best bang for my buck as they say!! I spotted some really great looking fresh beets, nice and firm and a good size. In my opinion if I am going to do beets, I am going to make it worth my while, pink hands and all, so purchased a good amount!!

I have cooked beets on the stove top, in my crockpot, and roasted them in the oven. Today the oven won out!!

Here is what I do:

Scrub the beets, amount desired, trying to keep them as close to same size as possible

Rub with a little of my rosemary olive oil, (or spray the foil well)

Wrap each in foil

Place in a container of some sort in case they leak

Roast at 400 until done to likeness, time will depend on size, large about an hour, medium about 45 minutes, small about 35 minutes, give or take

I have done these at 375 and 350 before if other items are being done at those temps, but if large will take longer of course

Remove from oven and let cool until manageable then the peels should slide off, if not, run under a little cold water to help with the peeling, (think peeling hard boiled eggs)

Then you are ready to proceed with your favorite recipes

Today's recipe I am sharing is a beet and honey walnut cream cheese English muffin sandwich. We prefer small English muffins rather than buns etc. for our sandwiches and burgers. I prefer this sandwich with a fried/heated beet slice. (see note)

Here is what I did today:

Honey, walnut cream cheese:

1/2 block Lite plain cream cheese, room temp

Chopped walnuts, amount of choice, I added 1/3 cup

Honey, amount of choice, I added about 2 teaspoons

Mix all together well

Sliced a thick slice of my beet, fried like a burger

While that was frying toasted my English muffin, and when done added my cream cheese and beet slice. I cream cheese both sides of muffin as my glue to hold my beet slice when eating

Note: I have never made this with canned or pickled grocery store beets

If you like beets, you should enjoy this for a change of pace, if you are not fond of walnuts, try experimenting with other flavored cream cheeses or even plain would work great too, don't like cream cheese, try another sauce or spread, remember, trying out new ideas can sometimes lead to your very own kitchen's signature sandwich, it is your kitchen after all.

Be safe!!

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