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Bacon Or Not, You Will Love This Rice Dish! Rice Budget Tips!

You have probably noticed my blog posts lately have mainly been about ways to feed our families but still maintain our budgets. I am a firm believer another way to do that is rice dishes. Rice is fairly reasonable, so far anyway, depending on how you purchase it. Convenience when you are a working parent is of course important. Try to remember, however, the more that is done to any item the more it is going to cost you. Also, a lot of people are intimidated by cooking rice, and I admit it can be tricky. Trust me when I say I have ruined my fair share of rice. These days I am blessed to have an insta pot and do mine in that. I am sure you all have your favorite ways, or if not, try to find one and make a huge batch at one time and freeze it. Once you have done that, you have an almost ready meal at your fingertips. Just pop your frozen container in the microwave for a minute or two and add it to anything and everything to bulk up your dish. If you do not care for this recipe, I have a lot of rice recipes on here going in many different directions.

I am also a huge fan of cooking my rice unless it is going to be for a rice pudding, in a broth of some sort. (See note) That's just me, your kitchen your choice of course. Today was no exception and my organic brown rice was cooked in homemade ham bone broth pulled also from my freezer on my quest for my quick meal. Leftovers was also included in my dish, and I might add it was most delicious and unexpected from my original menu plan. And there is the proof is in the pudding as they say. Having things on hand can make a quick, healthy and delicious meal.

Here is my recipe I created for today: amounts of choice

Diced precooked butter cup squash (crisp tender works best here so it doesn't mush) or squash of choice

Chopped precooked crisp tender broccoli florets

Mostly precooked bacon chopped

Precooked rice

Spices of choice

Shredded mozzarella cheese, or cheese of choice

Start by sautéing your diced squash until crunchy carefully turning now and then in way of choice, add in your broccoli and spices if using for a minute or two, next add in your bacon for a minute or two and then your rice. Heat all through well and add your shredded cheese just before serving, either mixing in or leaving on the top when serving. You can leave out the bacon for a vegetarian dish if desired.

Note: Cooking rice in a flavored liquid adds to the flavor of something basically bland. Here is where I pull out my saved veggie cooking liquids, I have frozen and consider them veggie broth!!

This is my story, and I am sticking to it. Give some of my ideas a try and the next time you need a quick meal it will be right at your fingertips.

Happy cooking, Be safe!!

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