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Another Meal? Any Ideas? Easy And Quick? Sure Read On!!

Since the start of Covid restrictions and many of us having been forced for one reason or another to cook more at home, the common denominators in questions and or comments are pretty much the same. The biggest problem most are experiencing is what to make. After months and months of thinking of meals we have run out of ideas. To go along with this lack of ideas is the desire for something quick and easy and maybe something that pantry items can contribute to. Even leftovers that might have been tossed pre pandemic have become appreciated. Those little take out or delivery condiments and such are looked on with new interest.

Today's post is based on quick, easy meal ideas stemming from one simple concept, a soup!! a meal almost everyone makes regularly, or should. If not, a good quality store bought or restaurant take out container of, can serve the same purposes. We are talking about a great chicken (or veggie) soup here. I make my soup with the understanding I will make at least one other meal from it besides soup!

I ALSO recommend here that you make friends with corn starch, an easier thickener to use then flour I find, you use less and have less chance of lumps in your recipe!! but if not and you prefer flour go for it, you are the boss in your kitchen. Also, corn starch is a GF item. It may take a few times using corn starch to get the hang of it, but the simple directions are on the container.

Everyone agrees their chicken soup or any soup for that matter is the best, of course it is, you made it. A great vegetable soup or any clear broth soup is perfect to use here, but so is a great beef stew.

This is how I use soup/stews in different ways to break up the monotony in my meals:

Of course, the soup itself, noodles or rice optional or:

Thickened and topped with biscuits and baked in the oven ( I just use bisquick here)

Slightly thickened and topped with dumplings (again bisquick)

Thickened and used as a topping for pre made biscuits, toast, mashed potato, Chinese noodles in the can, and then today's dinner, over rice!!

Check out your pantry, freezer and fridge, I guarantee you have soup fixins of some sort. Stock up on broths, store bought or homemade or even bouillon cubes, and a soup will always be right at your fingertips!! Who knows, you might even get a compliment or two from the family!!

Be safe everyone!!

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