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A Welcome 2023 Simple 5 Ingredient Salad, So Good!

If you are reading this, you, like me, survived the busy holidays. I hope they were wonderful for you and your families and 2023 is everything you wish for it to be.

One of the sayings I have heard recently for one reason, or another is an important one. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything. As we age, we realize just how true that becomes. One of the most important things you can do for yourself as you do is of course, eat healthily. We all have our idea of just what that means, and that's ok too. I try to post simple recipes, tips and ideas for all types of those ideas, and maybe something will work for your benefit. I plan on doing exactly that again this year, here's to your health and well-being.

Today I am posting a quick, simple, and healthy salad. The ingredients might be a strange combination for you but trust me it works. If you don't do shrimp, try shredded precooked chicken or tuna, it is just as delicious. If you don't do blueberries, try diced pineapple. It is best, however, to use fresh herbs if at all possible. It also is best to eat the same day, if possible, for best results.

Here is what I did today:

Diced 5 precooked large shrimp (split them down the back all the way through then diced)

Added ½ cup of fresh blueberries

Added ½ cup of peeled shredded apple with the juice, the moisture for the salad

Added 1 heaping teaspoon of fresh chopped Italian parsley, or to taste

Lightly mixed together

Topped with fresh Basil strips, about 1 Tbsp., or to taste

Now it is up to you how you serve this. I had mine in a wrap and it was delicious. It could also be served as is, or as a topping for your favorite fresh greens.

If you are wanting a little something different, give this a try.

Be Healthy Be Safe!!

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