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A Simple Garden Veggie Soup, Parm and Pasta? Up To You!!

First, welcome to my latest joiners!!

Today I was blessed with lots of veggies from different sources and had been wanting a soup of some kind. I know, it is hot, but to me soup works all year round. However, if it doesn't for you, make it now, freeze it and enjoy a bowl of fresh goodness in the winter time. You will be so glad you did!! Remember way back when, when I mentioned in several posts to save your fresh veggie cooking water, be it from steaming or simmering? and freeze some, it is liquid gold as that is where a lot of your vitamins hide? Well now is the time to utilize some of it, if you so desire. Chicken broth can also be used here if you prefer. Of course, your choice of veggies is entirely up to you. Today, a couple of mine were leftovers and some were fresh. Another reason to save leftovers. You would be surprised at some of the things I have tossed in a soup!!

Here is what I did today: like always, amounts are up to you for your particular needs

Scrubbed my fresh farm carrots, did not peel as these were small and peels were paper thin, your choice

Started them simmering in enough water to cover plus some diced onion, 2 whole garlic cloves, some oregano and 3 small bay leaves, uncovered

While they were simmering, I diced up my fresh zucchini and yellow squash

After about 5 minutes I tossed in my squash and added a smidge more water to the pan

Today I had precooked yellow beans and precooked fresh corn that I was also going to use, added that after another 4-5 minutes

Lastly, I added my fresh garden tomatoes, peeled and chopped (here you have several choices, canned or your own diced with skins on, I just don't care for tomato skins) and 1 pint of my frozen and defrosted vegetable broth

I let all this putt away very slowly for a bit for everything to marry together

Served topped with grated parmesan cheese

Tomorrow will add some precooked pasta or maybe some rice, to change it up a bit

This, like all soups, gets better in the next few days!!

When made from scratch there is no bad soup, and isn't that what it is all about!

Happy cooking and Stay Healthy and Safe!

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