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A Salad Is Personal, At Least In My Opinion And My House!!

Today I am sharing a salad that is one of my favorites in my house. Notice I did not say recipe, because there really is no recipe for this type of salad, you just wing it with whatever strikes your fancy for that day, and also, of course, whatever is in your fridge or pantry. I don't post a lot of salads, I feel they are personal, meaning subject to you and your families likes or dislikes. It is a gimme that someone will not like something in the salad, there is always that one holdout. Case in point, when I showed this salad to my husband I said "doesn't this look yummy," and he replied "if you like what's  in it, sure." We definitely have different tastes in cuisine, mine tends to be more adventurous and his tends to be the simple basics, or what I like to call boring. In all fairness to him, he will taste something different once in a while, but that is a rarity for sure. Needless to say, today was no different and he settled on a frittata instead.

Today I included in my salad 3 items I have posted on here, and that I tend to make quite often. My previous post, cannellini beans, my poached salmon (cold), and beets. My cooked beets recipe I have on here is not the ones I had today, but my post features several different ways I do beets, however, these are not from my recipe today. I just love beets and try all kinds and ways to have them. 

Here is my complete list of ingredients today:

Iceberg lettuce, making a comeback and I love the crunch

Grape tomatoes, halved, love these because I find them sweeter than cherry tomatoes

Cannellini beans, chic peas are another bean that is great here

Kalamata black olives, pitted, any olive works here, even green 

Fresh poached Salmon, cold, have used canned here in a pinch

Pickled beets

Except for the fresh poached salmon these are all simple pantry items most have on hand in one form or another. 

Today I drizzled with a lite ranch, another day I might have a simple oil and vinegar concoction, or one of my all time favorite dressings, Greek

Bottom line, keep your salad simple, your ingredients fresh, and you should have a hit on your hands, of course like I like to say, your kitchen, your salad!!

Stay safe!!

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